July 2013 Service Project

Project Start Date: July 25, 2013
Estimated Completion Date: August 5, 2013
Fundraising Requirement: $20,000

Building on the momentum generated by our March 2012 service project, we will be leading a group of students from Albuquerque’s University of New Mexico and DATA Charter High School to Kiima Kimwe to continue work on the region’s health clinic and celebrate its grand opening ceremony.

Our work will include assisting with the construction of a maternity ward adjacent to the main clinic building, expanding the site’s hygiene facilities, and implementing a clean water system. We’ll also meet with the local chapter of Rotary International to kick off the project to drill a borehole well on the campus of the Kyeni School down the road from the clinic.

In addition, we’ll be meeting with the Mayor of Machakos Town, members of the District Health Authority, and the newly-elected Governor of Machakos District to discuss how Other Paths can participate in broader activities in the region.

Project Team

Matt Berlin – Other Paths COO and Director of Kenya Programs
Reinhard Lorenz – Filmmaker and Project Volunteer
Janelle Jewell-Roth – University of New Mexico Student and Project Volunteer
Alex Mirabal – University of New Mexico Student
Antonio Vigil – DATA Charter High School Student
Wes McHaley – DATA Charter High School Student

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