Individuals and Couples

David P., one of our first individual travelers in 2007

David P., one of our first individual travelers in 2007

Other Paths values the contributions of individuals and couples, whether as supervisors for high school student trips or as participants in adult-age volunteer vacation programs. Through working on one of our service projects, you will learn more about yourself and your relationship with others than you probably expect!

If you are an intrepid globe-trekker who wants to get with the people, empty-nesters with itchy feet and a desire to do good, or simply someone who wants to take the opportunity to see and experience something remarkable and life-changing, one of our volunteer vacations may be just the ticket.

Safi D., at Masai Mara National Park

Safi D., at Masai Mara National Park

We work collaboratively with local people on long-term, comprehensive community development projects in Kiima Kimwe, our service area which is comprised of over 10,000 people. Our projects run year-round through the management of our local representatives, which enables us to offer people opportunities to participate short-term projects that achieve lasting results. We manage all trip logistics, from air & ground transportation to accommodations to meals, so you can focus on the experience. We can even help your fundraise to cover the costs of your trip!

John G., a film industry mentor for our March 2012 student trip.

John G., an adult volunteer and film industry mentor for our March 2012 student trip.

Your Safety is Our Safety

Other Paths’ primary objective for all volunteer vacation trips is our collective safety. We adhere to common-sense safety and security protocols, including monitoring and following all U.S. State Department warnings. We register all travelers with the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, and all of our service project itineraries contain alternate routes to return to the U.S. if needed.

More information about the precautions we implement for the safety of all of our service project teams can be found in our International Travel Safety Guide.

With Work Comes Reward

After our work days are complete, our volunteer vacation teams spend three days in one of Kenya’s world-renowned national parks for an unforgettable safari experience. Whether photographing the elephant herds at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli, watching the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, or observing the endangered black rhino near Lake Nakuru, our group is always treated to an amazing finish to an incredible journey.

Traveling with your children or more than three people? Consider a family volunteer vacation!

How Much will I pay?
The price of an Other Paths Volunteer Vacation is $5,500 per person.

Whats Included

One of the things that makes an Other Paths Volunteer Vacation unique is our comprehensive cost model. One fee covers the following:

  • airfare
  • all ground transportation
  • all hotel stays
  • all meals
  • Kenyan visas
  • all museum and attraction entrance fees
  • temporary membership in the AMREF Flying Doctors air & land medical evacuation service
  • luxury three-day safari in one of Kenya’s world-famous national parks
  • Other Paths program fees
  • project contribution
Black Maned Lion

We leverage our partner network of travel services, non-profit organizations, and local transportation companies to manage all aspects of travel, leaving you free to enjoy the experience to its utmost.

What’s NOT included:

And yes, most of the fee is tax-deductible. We will work with you to determine how much you can deduct based on the nature of the service work performed during your volunteer vacation. You must always consult a tax professional to ensure your deductions are in compliance with federal law.

Support to Get You There

All our service program groups receive fundraising support, project planning, and an introduction to Kenyan culture. We work with groups anywhere from four months to one year in order to prepare them for an effective and fulfilling experience working with us in Kenya.

All individuals working with us receive personalized support and coaching to gear their experience toward an area of interest, study, or professional growth. As we do with groups, we can spend between four months and one year creating your life-changing experience.

When You Get Home

Your travel experience will be over, but your new life adventure is just beginning! Once you have fulfilled your commitment to one of our service projects, you will receive:

April 2007 Service Project

April 2007 Service Project

Interested in something more than just a typical vacation?